Met someone

I don’t believe it. I think I’ve met a lesbian. I was working in a shop where I’m employed on Saturday mornings. It’s a gift shop with lots of dust collectors as Mum calls them. I was behind the counter straightening up the gift wrap paper (I’m hopeless at wrapping). Anyway, this girl comes in looking pretty ordinary in jeans, white t-shirt, denim top and black Windsor Smith boots. She came right up to the counter and said:

            “I’m looking for a gift for a female friend. It’s her 20th birthday but I don’t want to spend too much.”

            Wow, I thought, I wish I had a friend like her and be her age though I was only guessing it was close to 20.

            I came around from the counter and pointed out a few items which met her criteria. As I walked away I was overcome with wetness. I couldn’t believe it and I was sure I had not wet my pants. I so wanted to wipe myself but couldn’t while we were still open. OMG I was in a panic as I also found it hard to breathe. Breathe out, I kept telling myself, quick puffs. I feared I’d faint it was so bad. I’d only met someone.

            By the time this angel came back with her purchase, I was breathing freely.

As I wrapped the gift, she told me her name and the name of her girlfriend. I can’t remember the names now but I did manage to tell her mine.

            “I’ll be back with the birthday girl in a few weeks to let you know whether she liked it or not and to choose another one if she didn’t.

            When I got home I quickly changed for lunch. I was asked the usual questions about my morning and if anyone interesting had come in. I couldn’t tell them I’d met my first lesbian, that I’d met someone who affected physically.


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