My sister was in my room when I got home from school today. One of my school friends lives just around the corner and every now and then we sit on a neighbour’s brick wall and talk. This afternoon it was nearly 5 pm by the time I came inside.

Mum asked me what we talked about as she could see us across the road.

“Just saving the world.”

We’d covered many topics from school uniforms to boys at the nearby college. I haven’t told her yet that I could be a lesbian.

Anyway, my sister was in my room on my computer. I have it password protected so she can’t go very far, thank God. I must remember to delete my browsing history even though I’ve ticked it in the control panel.

I had half an hour before tea so I did some English homework and left my diary until later. I’m thinking about putting it in a folder so there’s two copies in case I lose the hard copy or my computer crashes. Of course, I’ll save it to a memory stick once a week or so. I checked my hiding place and it’s still there. I’m reluctant to tell my sister as she’s such a blabbermouth.

Tea was pretty ordinary – spag bol. It was my turn to dry the dishes and I did it with a bad grace. I really hate doing the dishes, as does my sister, but I guess Mum must be sick of us complaining.

Around 9 pm I’d finished my homework and started on my diary. I transferred all my hard entries to a folder with every entry being a separate file. I was going to give the folder the name “lesbian” but that might be seen by unwanted eyes like my sister. So I called it “baby” for “babydyke”. I found that name by searching on the Internet and that really explains me, taking baby steps on my journey to dykedom.



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