Generation Waking Up 2


Well, the training’s over for Gen-Up. I’m glad I had my teacher with me as it was rather overwhelming.

Joshua Gorman was the co-ordinator and Cherye and Darcie assisted (Darcie is from Melbourne and has just finished high school).

Our first evening was a Gen-Up experience where others joined us to see how Gen-Up works, like a symposium.

We began in silence with our eyes closed, feet flat on the floor, taking deep breaths and letting them out. We had to allow our bodies and our minds to slow down, to be present to this time and place, to those around us, that we were privileged to be here.

The Gen-Up’s purpose is to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. It’s for teens and those in their 20’s.

Four questions were asked:

  1. Who are we?
  2. Where are we?
  3. What has to change?
  4. What do we do now?

According to Franklin D. Roosevelt: This generation has a rendezvous with destiny.

  1. We did an exercise in pairs, completing the sentence:

“If you really knew me, you would know this about me…”

I said I found it difficult to be open with strangers.

My partner said she ran symposiums.

  1. Examples of unexamined assumptions were given:
  2.             a.         The earth’s resources are there for us to use as we see fit.
  3.             b.         Being successful means making money.

The aim is interconnectedness.

                        c.         The assumption that we are separate.

(I learnt about Teilhard de Chardin at school)

We are cosmological beings.


We are coming into conscious awareness.

Then we did a Joanna Macy exercise where we walked slowly amongst ourselves, then faster, then stopped and looked into another’s eyes.

  1. What is possible for the future, the will of people aligned?

What are the possibilities:

            Civil rights movement

            Democracy movement

            Social movement

A DVD showing a list of organisation’s doing good would take days to go through.

Before we left we were each given a brochure to fill in.

“What makes me come alive?” feel joy. (music, tennis)

“What breaks my heart about the state of the world?” (fracking, oil spills, coal-fired power, poverty, hunger, refugees, Aborigines)

“Links” (not yet).

“My next steps – individually”: maybe a project for gay people in schools. By the end of the year.

“…collectively”: lead at least one Gen-Up experience by Easter.

*     *    *

Jodie Foster ‘outed’ herself at the Globe Awards. I wonder how many more there are besides her and Ellen DeGeneres.




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