At the tennis

I went to the tennis today with my cousin. We met under the clocks at Flinders St Station then caught a tram (for free) to the tennis centre at Melbourne Park. The weather was ideal and we found a spot at Margaret Court Arena under the shade cloth. My job was to bring the drinks and she brought lunch.
The stadium slowly filled as the day went on and was packed for the Williams’ sisters who lost in 3 sets. The first match, early in the day, had two veteran Aussies, Renee Stubbs (see below) and Nicole Bradke playing Amelie Mauresmo and Lindsay Davenport. Renee particularly hammed it up twice with two ball boys taking her racquet and joining in. Amelie is a lesbian, so I was told by my cousin, but she looks pretty straight to me. The next match was men’s doubles which was rather boring. Then the Williams’ sisters were beaten by the Italians, Vinci and Errani. The match seesawed from one to the other but the Italians prevailed at the end.
The next women’s match had two Aussies again, Barty and Dellaqua. They played a Russian and someone else with an unpronounceable name. The umpire was Thai and she mumbled their names. Anyway, our two girls hit some beautiful shots and surprised us with how good they are, especially Ashley Barty who has soft hands when she volleys. She could go all the way (she’s only my age) and be another Evonne Cawley. This match also had some crowd involvement from two young boys opposite us so we were entertained when the girls sat down. I really enjoyed my day at the tennis, though I also like to watch in comfort at Rhiannon’s place as her house is quiet and she likes the tennis, too.
I’ve been over to her house a few times during the Open but I’m also looking for work, hopefully not too far from home. I’ve been checking out the local paper but they’re mainly for courses. The nun from Adelaide at Gen-Up advised me to have a year off from study and just enjoy life. I would really like to have a red MG with spoked-wheels – I could always pay it off. I know I’ll need a deposit as I have nothing to trade-in so that’s going to be my first goal.
I found the following lesbian tennis players at Wikipedia – all retired or veterans
Gigi Fernández, 1964, Puerto-Rican
Billie_Jean_King 1943, American
Hana Mandlíková 1962,Czech
Amelie Mauresmo, 1979,French
Martina Navratilova, 1956,Czech-American
Lisa Raymond, 1973, American
Rennae Stubbs, 1971, Australian


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