Connections and work


I was chatted up by a girl who works a few shops from me. She said she’d seen me a couple of times when she had her lunch break and noticed I was on my own.

Her name is Natasha and she’s been working at a department store for nearly two years. She invited me to join her and some others tomorrow at one of the cafés there where they don’t mind if we bring our own lunch. But we had to buy a drink.

I floated around for the rest of my lunch break, just thinking about this drop-dead gorgeous girl with blond hair, small hands and feet but not svelte. She had a beautiful voice which I’d die for, soft but baritone deep. It sort of wraps you in. I could listen to her forever.

Mmm…I wonder if…

The afternoon went really quickly as we had lots of customers, mainly Mums wanting school shoes for their kids. Some of them bounced off the wall whilst others sat quietly and wouldn’t say ‘boo’, let alone tell us if the shoes were comfortable or not. Some got black leather “Clark” shoes because that’s what their school prescribed, whilst others got runners for everyday and for sport. It’s too early for the footy season so that will be the next rush.

My boss, Mr McKenna, has shown me how to use the measuring slide so I can work out the width and the length of the customer’s feet, particularly the children as their feet grow so much. The adults, who usually come in the evening, already know their size so I don’t have to measure them. I don’t harass them either into making a choice but let them wander. Some know exactly what they want whilst other eventually seek me out and ask if I have such and such in their size. Depending on the country of manufacture, sizes do vary so I always bring out a few boxes.

It took me awhile to work out the boxes in the back room – rows and rows of them. On my first day I would write down the code because I was scared I would forget it. I must have looked such a novice.

I think I will like it here, especially as I love the smell of leather.

And the chance to meet some friends. I forgot to tell Natasha that I would be starting work after lunch as it’s a late closure. So I will come in early. I’m really happy and not feeling depressed at all. I hope my classmates don’t come to the Centre tomorrow.



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