I slept in til midday yesterday. It was my first week of work and I was really tired on Sunday night. I texted my school friends to say I couldn’t meet up with them, maybe Tuesday night. Rhiannon could and we arranged to meet at her place for tea. We usually watched some movies, had popcorn and just hang out sharing the goss.

We had the lounge to ourselves as her parents were eating out at a restaurant – some anniversary or whatever. Rhiannon wasn’t invited but she was OK with that as she’s too old to be doing things with them.

She told me about her work and the people she works with. She feels she has to dress up as there seems to be a competition amongst the females. She doesn’t want to ask her mother for money now that she’s working because her mother doesn’t ask for board. Not like my Mum who wants 5%. It’s not much but I could do with every cent I get towards my TV and my car. Rhiannon is getting a car for her 18th birthday but this is three months away. Then we can really rock the town. She’s already started having driving lessons as her parents’ cars are too expensive to insure her. She’s going with a local school called HiWay and she has an older woman called Claire teaching her. It’s only once a week to start with and she hopes her parents buy her a similar car. She doesn’t expect a new one but will be OK with a European designed car with the indicators on the left hand side instead of the right. She said Claire was small and cuddly with short blonde hair and nothing fazed her as Rhiannon crunched the gears.

Anyway, we got stuck into the popcorn and shared our work and any friends we’d made. Rhiannon was a bit shy at first before she opened up and told me about a guy at work. She’d taken a pic of him on her phone and showed me – he looked a bit like Justin Bieber. They haven’t gone out yet but have gone to lunch once. Then she asked me whom I had met so I told her about my fellow workers at the shopping centre being all female.

Then I told her my fear of being a lesbian. She was OK with it and had wondered because I was always hanging out with the girls and never joining in when we talked about guys. I told her I wasn’t sure but I liked reading kirstywirsty’s lesbian sex stories. I’m ready to meet a girl who won’t be pretending to like me or have sex just so she could say “but I thought you were straight”.

That night, last night, I had an erotic dream. I was naked in bed with Natasha and she was teaching me all the moves. I could almost feel the feathery touch of her lips over my whole body. I couldn’t keep my right hand still and reached down to find myself sopping wet, ready for my fingers to penetrate. I used my other hand to flick my clit and in unison I worked my body to a pretty good orgasm. Someone at my nipples would have been even better. I reckon it was the lesbian sex stories that did it. This wasn’t the first time I’d had an orgasm but it was different from the last one when I woke up stimulated without touching myself. I suppose I need to go to confession on Saturday as masturbation is said to be a sin, though it doesn’t hurt anyone but comes under impure thoughts. If I can’t help myself and if I can’t have a female lover, then that’s the end of Catholicism for me. Wow, fire and brimstone and lightning bolts from heaven for me. Bring it on. I want to celebrate myself.


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