Wow, the latest post from Buzz Feed has a picture of a newly married couple, she in a wedding dress, kissing. It turns out they were both lesbian. Way cool.

Reminds me of a pic of kd lang having a shave from Cindy Crawford. I found a copy of Vanity Fair at the doctor’s and tore it out. Very wicked of me.

I don’t like keeping too much hard stuff in my bedroom as I have a snooping sister. I can scan on my printer so I have a bunch of photos of girls that I’ve been collecting for a year. I’m keeping the folder secret, even from this diary, though heaven help me if I get amnesia.

I spent every morning this week going through my email address that is linked to this blog. Sometimes I have a whole page. There is one girl who posts fantastic stuff and I’m saving it in my secret folder so I can read it later, like late at night. She calls it Tempted and it’s about two girls who have a serious pash on and sex only to have one girl say she can’t continue. Of course, the heroine is devastated and even more so when she socialises with people from work and there is the love of her life hand in hand with another woman.

I’ll have to wait until next week to see how the story unfolds.

I have a story that may be unfolding. Melanie, the boss’ daughter in the shoe shop, has invited me to a party tomorrow night. I asked her what kind of party, what to wear, should I bring alcohol (even though I’m underage), and where was it. She told me not to worry, that she would pick me up, she would get the booze (what did I like – vodka and orange so the folks won’t know), and wear anything casual. I have a lot of casual stuff though being summer, shorts and a t-shirt should suffice. I’ll have to see if my white bra is clean and dry – it is. Sandals for the feet – broken glass.

I spent the day at work, when we had no customers, asking Melanie about her friends. Some are from uni and some from school so there was a mix. What about boys and girls? Probably more girls than boys. So I wouldn’t want to pick up a guy and I wouldn’t know how to pick up a girl, even if I wanted to. Was I a babydyke about to find out my true calling or was I a straight girl questioning her sexuality?

Time will tell. What advice do you have for me?



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