The Melbourne Queer Film Festival is on now and Melanie and I went to see When Hainan meets Teochew. Melanie arranged with her father for him to take over at 3 pm so we could get into town and go to Federation Square and ACMI #2. We found our way there but got lost on the main level. I approached an events supervisor and she showed us the entrance. (I always get lost when I go there because I don’t go very often.)

The movie was about a male to female transsexual (Teochew) who looked quite feminine and dressed accordingly. The butch lesbian (Hainan) could have passed for a transman and also dressed accordingly. They both lived in the same apartment block. One day a bra fell off the hanger of Hainan which belonged to a previous girlfriend who had walked out on her. Teochew found it and hid it in her bedroom. She rented this from a landlord who referred to her as ‘he’ all the time.

After a rocky start, Hainan and Teochew become friends but Hainan’s ex-girlfriend turns up. Some funny moments and serious ones as the trio share Hainan’s double bed.

Then there’s the meeting with Hainan’s mother with and without Teochew. Her mother wants them to kiss but they can’t do it. Mother tells them to stop as it would make her feel bad being on her own.

After the show, we went for dinner at Maccas though I’ve been thinking about going vegetarian. I usually get lamb as sheep are preferable to beef. But both pollute the air and ground. So, maybe a vegie burger from Hungry Jacks next time.

We talked about the film and I talked about what I was reading in True selves…

I don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents. Melanie asked if I had a name picked out. I told her James or Michael. She likes Michael as she had her first kiss from a Michael. I hooted and said, so did I. Poetic or what.

What do you think of the two names? Leave a comment please.


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