I am feeling really depressed. Work is dragging and it was only the first day of my week. At least I don’t go back to work til next week. Tomorrow will be a short day.

For the last two days I’ve been trying to pack up my gear as I’ve decided to go west to Western Australia where I can transition quietly and return fully a man, or as much as I can afford. I haven’t booked my ticket yet but will soon to get a discount. I plan to arrive in the first week of May. I have a room organised with a cousin who is gay so he’s really cool about my changes.

I went to the State Library with my transwoman friend and she showed me where to find the microfilm and fiche so I could check out different names. As I said, James and Michael stand out and I like Michael because of Michael the Archangel. I’d also take my father’s surname, Mardel, and M n M looks good. Then I tried a numerology site and Michael Mardel came up trumps. There is a Mike Mardel on SBS news so I’ll add my middle name, Patrick. Very Irish.

My cousin Joe has a different surname to reflect where he grew up so I’m not doing anything new.

Now to work out how to change my name on this blog or should I start a new one?



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