School holidays.


Boy, it’s been a busy fortnight with school holidays and lots of kids coming in to be fitted for their winter school shoes. Melanie has been helping out in the afternoons and we have stayed back longer than usual to tidy up the shop and put back the shoes that didn’t fit. Melanie is so organised, it’s a treat to work with her.

Last night we had a good chin-wag about my going to Perth. She said she’d miss me but of course we can Skype. She asked me lots of questions about my pending gender change and I told her that it feels right for me. That I’ve never felt right in my body and always felt like a square peg in a round hole.

“Are there any others like you?” she asked.

“I haven’t met any yet but I’m sure there are. I didn’t get to meet anyone from Minus18,” I said.

“It’s like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” I added.

We then talked about girls we know from school, including my best friends. I haven’t told them why I’m going to Perth and I swore Melanie to secrecy.

I now have a date for my flight and may only have one more entry in this diary before I go. I’m not changing my details on this diary until I’ve had a name change. I can’t wait for people to address me as ‘’sir” but I guess I’ll have to as I don’t expect facial hair and a deep voice for awhile.  I’ll order a “packy” in Perth as I don’t want my parents to know.

Mum thinks I’m crazy to give up a good job but I have to follow my dream, I told her.



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