Gender Centre

I finally had my appointment with the Monash Gender Centre today. I talked about my being a boy and that I’d felt like this since I was four. I was told that I was of a good age to be transitioning though I will still have to have a double mastectomy. We talked about ‘passing’ as a man and what I was doing to minimise my breasts and whether I was packing. I explained that I was going to Perth to stay with a gay cousin and would be looking at my options.

I had already taken out health insurance when I started work so I could claim for the mastectomy in 11 month’s time.  The Centre also told me they like their trans clients to undergo a psychology test. When I said that I was going to Perth in a week’s time they would see if they could fast-track me. I was also asked to rate myself between female (1) and male (10) on a scale of 1 to 10. I put myself at 6 and was told I was closer to 8. Wow. A pshrink who sees me as a man.

I also asked about hormones and was told I had to see an endocrinologist.  More money and more doctors. I met another transman in the waiting room and he said that any doctor could prescribe testosterone but you had to have Sustanon and inject it. I’d read about that on the Internet and hints on how to do it. I’d have to find a doctor in Perth who dealt with trans people and find out how to get free needle exchange. I hate needles but if it makes me a man sooner and get rid of the pesky periods, then I’m all for it. Anyway, use the large needle – 19 – to draw up the oily liquid and a 23 needle to inject into my thigh or posterior. Gross but wonderful.

I can’t wait to get over to Perth and start the process. Maybe the Gender Clinic can give me a referral to someone as well as my psychology results. I wonder whether they use Rorschach diagrams or WAIS tests? I don’t care whether they agree with my assessment of myself but it would be nice to have it verified.



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