Beginnings Pt 1..Basics and Current History

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Becoming Devon

A little *sighs deeply and sits down to write*

I’ll begin with current history, I began this blog thanks to the inspiration from my friend, mentor, sister and coworker, Nancy Evelyn Gold. Through her work on the documentary Gender Dances I have been privileged to both work with her and become very good friends.

I have been in Transition for 11 months and on hormone therapy for 4 months (as of this writing), and when I began I found an amazing lack of complete and uncensored information answering the questions that I had. Topics like: what will happen to my clit on hormones? How does Testosterone effect my various health problems? How do other Trans-men like to be touched during sex? What are my options for having penetrative sex? Top surgery questions.. the list goes on and on. So, because I know there have to be other men like me out there that have these…

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