Well, I arrived safely after the usual 3 hour flight from Melbourne. I had 2 empty seats next to me so I didn’t feel hemmed in, except for being brushed against by people in the aisle. I had my Kindle with me and read for most of the way except when we were taking off and coming in to land when we had to switch off electronic devices.

I had been to Perth before but it looked so different now – bigger and busier. My cousin, Joe, met me at the airport and drove us in his MG to his place at Embleton. It’s not close to the city but I can check out the buses.

First up, I want to visit a doctor to start on my hormones. The Melbourne Gender Clinic promised me that they would send my documentation over once I’d made contact.

Joe rang his doctor the next day and I had an appointment for 2 pm that day. Wow, it was about to happen and not a moment too soon though I knew I had to wait for the paperwork to be faxed through. The receptionist faxed through to Melbourne requesting my results but they didn’t fax straight back so it looked like it was going to be a waste of a visit. Not all bad, as they bulk-billed.

We went by bus the next day so I could find my own way around. The Gender Clinic had sent their stuff on me and the doctor asked me how I wanted the testosterone. I said, Sustanon injection please. The doctor said I could have the nurse inject me til I was used to it and I agreed. But, tomorrow.

So back I went, on my own, and bared my butt for my life-affirming drug. I was so happy to have started and I made an appointment for 2 weeks’ time for my second one.

I looked in the mirror when I got home but no hair anywhere. I knew it was pointless but I was on a high and wanted to run with happiness.

After I calmed down, I asked Joe about a good barber and he told me of one close by. Could I walk there? Sure, he said. So I got my hair cut, short back and sides.

I kept smiling all the way home. Boy, it felt good to have short hair. I can’t wait to have a beard or at least a moustache.

Next week is the name change, bank details, Medicare and Medibank. Then some binders for my breasts. It’s happening and it will happen on this blog.
Any comments??
ps I’m connected to the Internet at last.


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