Positive thoughts

Creating power 7 steps.
Step 1: Getting focused: write down goals – want 80%
Plan, send out message.
5 years from now, what will it look like?
Step 2: believe in myself, I can accomplish it.
Beliefs – vibrations – reality.
Subconscious doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative thoughts.
Write down my positive thoughts.
Step 3: keep believing.
Need in place: positive thoughts.
Meditate on positive beliefs.
How do I feel?
Trust it will happen?
Do I believe there is a way?
That there is a path?
That I can live the life I want?
Will it work out?
Step 4: tracking the right opportunities.
Stick to the plan.
Am I committed to make happen an ideal life?
There is a realistic chance to achieve.
Prepare: what steps to achieve? In increments.
Don’t give in to a negative mind.
Step 5: letting go of the past –
Events, people stuck in my mind.
If I don’t let go then I deny myself the future
Forgive myself – focus on what I can do right the next time.
Take responsibility but not the blame.
I exist today, focus on the now, choose to think about something else,
the now, the present moment.
Step 6: discover my true calling, my passion.
Step 7: stay on track.


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