Last Thursday night my cousin, Joe, and I went to a Do the maths talk by Bill McKibben. He told us about the fossil fuel resistance that was growing with many people defending their farms and forests. Some defend the atmosphere. He called on us to out organise the fossil fuel giants because we sure can’t beat them with more money.

They are too powerful and too wealthy. And my government subsidises them while at the same time they say they’re all for renewable energy, giving out rebates for insulation and solar panels.

I wondered if there were any Generation Waking-up people here. I spoke to a couple of people and eventually found someone who gave me her email address and said to contact her and to give my details. Wow, that was pretty awesome, to find someone from Be the Change who had been an administrator for them.

I still wasn’t sure about my transition appearance but this woman didn’t bat an eyelid when I told her my name. She was way cool which is very encouraging. My cousin, Joe, keeps telling me to believe in myself and he is the best person to have whilst transitioning.

As I’m still underage, we had a drink when we got back to his place. We wanted to celebrate my first test at ‘passing’ with a beer. I haven’t quite acquired a taste for it and prefer cider but I wasn’t going to spoil his fun.

I’d have to wait until tomorrow before I could access my emails but I did that first thing and sent off my details to the BTC person. It is a great way of making friends in Perth as well as doing something worthwhile for the environment. I can’t wait to hear back from her. Another reminder to use VistaPrint to have new biz cards done so that I can hand them out as I meet people.

A very fulfilling day all round, even though our world is on the brink of collapse. There are ways to address this and GWU is one way to go.



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