Work and study.

I’ve landed a job in a local café where my gender is not important. I was really nervous turning up for the interview but the boss didn’t bat an eyelid when I said I’d mislaid my birth certificate. I had my bank card and my Medicare card which he was happy with. I’d got my Medicare card in the mail just last week and it was smashing to see my name, Michael P Mardel, stamped on it.

So I’ve been communicating with guys on FTM Australia and Craig Andrews has been really helpful. They all say, be patient, changes will come and pretty fast as I’m so young. One guy bemoaned the fact he was 48 when he transitioned and his goatee beard took two years to even show. I’ve seen a photo and it’s quite long now.

I found out about PFlag and would really love my cousin to join as he’s such a support. It’s for parents of queer people and started in New York in the late 1960’s, after the Stonewall riots. Jeanne Manford started the first chapter. Its aim is to support new parents as their kids come out, education and advocacy.

I found a Facebook page for PFlag Perth so I’ll chat on that and see if there are any FTMs on board. My parents probably need to join though I think it’s more for gays and lesbians. And if I like girls then I’m no longer a lesbian.

There’s a local Senator Louise Pratt, whose boyfriend is FTM. It would be great to talk face to face with someone like him. I feel isolated, being so far from home and my friends. I’m using Skype to talk to Mum and Dad and the kids plus my friends and I had to use Joe’s credit card to pay the initial $16 to get started.

Once I start work, I’ll be too tired to want to chat. Now it’s time to go to the doctor’s for my next injection. Yay. And Joe is driving me.



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