Cafe life.


I started work this week, just three shifts to see how we like each other. I wore a pair of black runners which were comfortable for the four hours I was on my feet. I also had on a pair of black jeans (too hot) and a baggy black t-shirt which didn’t quite hide my bulges though the apron helped to flatten them. My job is to meet people when they come into the café and show them a seat, then hand out a menu. If there are any specials, I point to the blackboard which is written up before we open by the owner who is also the cook. I return to the table a few minutes later or sooner if they call me over. There is a pocket in the apron which holds a pen and the order book. I fish them out and take their orders of food and any drinks. This is passed to the cook who rings a bell when the order is ready. Not really rocket science but a chance to be polite and listen carefully.

When the café is really busy I find it hard to hear the orders. So I ask them to point to the item on the menu. I hope I’m not going deaf as that would really mess things up. I used to find it hard in school when the teachers spoke. Sometimes I just zoned out and went to sleep and woke up dribbling. If I’m on the computer I don’t hear my cousin call me to dinner as I am engrossed in something or talking to my friends on Skype. The latter is understandable as I’m wearing headphones with a mouthpiece. My two best friends are missing me heaps and so am I, being 3K kms away. I must get a webcam so I can see them; maybe next week when I get my first pay cheque which is paid directly into my account. I can check online to see how much I get after tax and I should pay little tax as I filled out one of those tax exemption forms. No, I won’t. Not until I’m ready to show Michael.

Next week is time for another injection. I’ll have to ring to make an appointment which doesn’t clash with work. I’m sure my voice is deeper but there are no facial hairs. I’ll also go to the barber for another haircut and check out if any male pattern baldness is happening. I wish.



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