Drag queens


Last Saturday night cousin Joe and I went to a drag show in Northbridge. It was pretty amateurish but they did a good show of lip synchronising to artists like Madonna and Abba. I felt good as I had had a haircut that day, number one, short back and sides. I can say it in one breath now and am pleasantly surprised as I get what I asked for. I also had an injection last week so I feel really pumped up. I went on Tuesday morning before my shift. I can feel the injection getting harder to push in but maybe it’s my imagination or the nurse doing it. I asked about doing it myself but they advised me to wait until my 18th birthday when I can legally do all this. I know exactly what I want – a #19 needle to draw up the Sustanon from the vial, and then swap over to a #25 to inject into myself. I’ll do what the medical clinic does, which is to heat the vial before drawing it up. Another reason for a new needle is that the #19 will be blunted by touching the vial, and another needle will be fresh and pointy. Of course, the clinic doesn’t do that. Apparently I have to go elsewhere for my needles and syringes but I can also hand in my old needles.  And they’ll give me some swabs to use. Come on birthday, which is not until next year. Then I can get my licence, though I don’t have a car. I don’t think Joe will let me drive his little sporty MG.

While I was at work one day I got to thinking about one of the transwomen from Transsexual summer on TV. She also got a job in a café after trying for two years. She looked OK though a little pointy as she was really pissed off at not finding work for so long and being scared to be ‘read’ in the street. On one job they showed her having an interview at a bridal shop. The owners politely told her that their customers would have difficulty with her as she was easily ‘read’, especially with her Adam’s apple. I think she was very angry because she can’t look like a princess. Male hormones do mess up a transwoman’s body whereas transmen like me can pass OK most of the time. I was advised that remodelling one’s body so that people can see what you want to portray is a noble goal but also expensive. It is not a sickness though transsexuality is still in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual


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