The Zen of going Home


No more blogs for a month as I’ll be in Melbourne. Mum has paid my airfare and I can’t not go. Work weren’t too impressed as I’ve only been there a month and I had a marketing suggestion to give them. Marlene (who’s 26, I found out last night) was sent a bunch of articles all about marketing and getting more customers and keeping them. The article was called The Psychology of Personalisation and suggested that waiters top up the mints which were given out with the bill. It reminds me of the Pancake Parlour which hands out lollies when one pays the bill. We give out tiny teddies with our coffees, so I guess that’s the same.

Marlene works from home as she is bipolar and finds it hard being round people all day. She writes and publishes school textbooks and visits schools when she has any stories to tell (of her own) or books she has reviewed. She trained as a teacher-librarian in Perth but found teaching students too nerve-wracking. She only ever taught in state schools as, if she were outed as a dyke in private schools, she could be fired.

I spoke to Mum on the phone last month and she could tell my voice had deepened.

Now I was going to have to confront her looking like a boy with my short haircut.

There was no way I was going to get around this and I could only hope that she only thought I was dressed like a boy, like I always dressed, and not that I was living as a boy.

My ticket is only one-way so if I want to return to Perth then I will have to pay for it myself. I’m really feeling suicidal as I don’t want to confront her until I have my licence. This time I can show my bank card and birth certificate so she can see I mean business. I still have 6 months to go before I can get a credit card and I suspect she’s wondering what I’ve been buying on Amazon. I’m still under my old name on our Medicare cards but that will be changed too, when I turn 18. Another six months would have seen me clear but it’s not to be. Cousin Joe said I’d always have a bed at his place. And so did Marlene, bless her. We won’t be able to communicate via the Internet but hopefully by public phone. At least I have saved some money from being a waiter.

Two more sleeps to go and both at Marlene’s. Yes, I’m no longer a virgin.



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