I’m still in Melbourne but am flying out to Perth on Monday.

It’s been a torrid month but my mother sort of accepts my change of gender though she continually uses my birth name. Plus the pronoun ‘she’. I’ve become so used to being treated as a boy in Perth so it comes as a real downer to be treated as Kate.

I caught up with my friends a lot and we chewed the fat about life in Perth and Rhiannon has promised to visit me next break in about four week’s time.

They are really great and loved all my boyishness from my hair to my gear. It was so good being with them and I know I’ll miss them when I return.

I told them about my new girlfriend, Marlene, with the emphasis on ‘new’. I don’t know where we’re going with our friendship or relationship. She’s so worldly and I’m just starting out.

I’m at an internet cafe writing this out as I wanted to see ‘Elysium’ so I caught the bus and checked out some shops. I didn’t buy anything but I suppose I should buy my cousin Joe something. Though he won’t expect it – Melbourne isn’t that all exotic.

I’m really looking forward to returning to Perth, to  Marlene, to Joe, to work. I don’t know if I’ll be sad to say goodbye to my family but they have a long way to go towards accepting me. My siblings are OK with me as Michael but not Mum. Maybe I should have asked her advice about a choice of names seeing as she chose Katherine. The deed is done and I’m not going to change my first name – I think I can’t for two years anyway.

While I was here I got my learner’s permit so I could drive here but Mum wouldn’t let me. She takes it all so personally. I feel sad but glad I’ve seen her as Michael.



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