Back at work


I’ve been back at work a week now and it’s like I never left. The same customers return which is good as some know my name now and want to know how I went in Melbourne. I can’t say what a torrid time I had from my family when I first arrived. However, after speaking with my counsellor, my mother became quite motherly and we parted on good terms. She wants me to ring once a week, via Skype, and to get a webcam so she can see any changes to my face. I wish. There is a shadow on my upper lip but that is all, and a line on my stomach. Hopefully these will all grow so I will feel comfortable going bare-chested in summer in over a year’s time. I have to remember to ask my cousin when he started growing a beard and having hair on his chest and stomach.

One of the Ozzie-guys told us how he lost most of his body hair, including under the armpits. He takes Testogel and rubs it into his moustache and beard to make them thicker. He can’t see much improvement though his goatee beard flourishes so much he has to trim it. It’s also gone grey on him. And he is not back at work having social phobia.

My mother knew there was something different as soon as I greeted her at the airport, as my voice had deepened. This was great news for me as I can’t really tell. What with my short haircut and boyish clothes and a sweatshirt to hide my bulges, a deep voice sealed her worries. I told her I was the same person though she thought I was now a dyke. I showed her my drivers permit so she could see my new name and she burst into tears. I had done the deed and changed all my documents so I was legally a man though not on my birth certificate.

I told her I was going into hospital in under a year’s time to have my mastectomy. I’ll be back at work in four weeks’ time. She wants me to have it done in Melbourne. We’ll see as I didn’t comment either way.

Will I see Marlene again now that I’m back at work?




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