How to practise driving in your living room and it won’t cost you a cent.


I’ve had a few more driving lessons since I’ve been back in Perth. Joe lets me practice when he goes shopping in his MG, his pride and joy that he’s had forever. I can then add my driving time to my log. I make sure I change the gears smoothly and leave plenty of room for the other traffic. Joe sucks in his breath if he thinks I’m too close to the parked cars so I adjust my position. I don’t want him to have a heart attack on me as he has three stents already.

My driving instructor has booked me in for my test next month and keeps asking me questions from the traffic book. I study it every night and get Joe to ask me questions so I’m not going to flunk that part of the test. My only worry is freezing up when I’m driving and forgetting to look in my rear view mirror plus the outside one.

I did see Marlene after work and she explained that Catherine is a good friend but not a lover. Whew! That’s a weight off my mind but also selfish. However, I believe in monogamy though I’ve never really thought about it. Marlene is my first love so she’ll always be special, even if we do part. I don’t want to think about it.

I shared my licence woes with Marlene and she offered to help with my practice and learning the traffic rules. She set us up with two chairs and three tennis balls for my clutch, brake and accelerator. I had to pretend the steering wheel and the gear stick.

‘Let’s go to a toy store and see if we can find them for you to use,too,’ said Marlene.

‘Okay. How about I come round before work, about 10 a.m., and we’ll start with ToysRUs.’

 ‘Great. Now, you’re approaching an intersection. What’s the first thing you need to do?’



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