Trials of Life.


For my next driving lesson, I thought I was smoother with my gear changes. Even my instructor commented favourably.

I’ve nearly completed my first 25 hours of driving and my test is two weeks away.

I’ve had trouble at work worrying about the test and not my customers. It’s a constant worry for me when I go into new situations and I don’t feel confident in passing as a man.

I had one customer who was allergic to everything on our menu. I was tempted to suggest ice-blocks like someone did on BreakRoomStories. She had lupus, she said, and was allergic to milk and wheat. She decided on black coffee and then brought out her sandwiches from her handbag. I looked at the boss and he said, not to worry, we have to cater for all tastes.

The wait people in the States have to rely on tips to be paid. In our café, I get a basic hourly rate and 5% of what I’ve served. It’s not much but heaps better than relying on tips as Aussies don’t do it unless they are at a restaurant and have a meal.

I’m meeting Marlene after work this evening and we’re going to the pictures, like a real date. I’ve brought a change of clothes plus a towel and toiletries as I don’t want to smell of food or coffee. I’m really excited and bounce around serving people. Of course, I told my boss so he didn’t go antsy on me for being so buoyant. It’s great to have Marlene in my life and I don’t know how I would have managed without her. Joe’s good but Marlene is special and I’m intimate with her. Being a dyke, she knows how to pleasure me – I don’t have to teach her what to do. And vice versa. It’s all wonderful and I want to move in with her but she says it’s too early. I know when I’m on a good thing but she hesitates because of my family. I ring them once a week on Skype and I pretend my webcam is down as I have a barbell through my eyebrow. I’m rebelling all over the place and that’s probably why Marlene wants me to grow up and settle down a bit. Such are the trials of life.


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