Did I get it?


I nearly blew my licence test by not stopping completely at a stop sign. And I lost points by not looking in my rear view mirror every time. It sort of takes the edge off the happiness of getting my licence but I did it and my instructor was very happy for me. He didn’t make any other comment but I know I was nervous and didn’t look in the rear view mirror enough as I could see the tester’s ugly mug. He didn’t instil confidence in me and my instructor had a hard time engaging him in conversation. He gave up and I could hear my breathing getting shallower and shallower. Oh no, I wonder if anyone fainted on their test?

Joe was waiting for me at home as the instructor dropped me off as they do. Joe drove us to a great cake shop down the road and let me indulge my fancy with two cakes. He chose two, too. What a day. This has been so traumatic for me and represents my idea of freedom. I’ll tell my folks later tonight after I see Marlene. I’ve already texted her and she sent a big hug. I bored Joe with a blow by blow account of the test and he knew exactly where I went. My brain was mashed but as I relived the test, the streets and the directions came back to me.

Marlene took me to a bar that was quiet and dark in Northbridge. I still look so young even with all the testosterone coursing through my body. This reminds me, to tell Marlene that my T drug has been put on the private list but it will be worth the extra dollars. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to the clinic and having to drop my trousers for the injection. It’s just as well I have a big bum as the injection caused a cork thigh on me. C’est la vie.




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