Hot and bothered.


Boy, is it hot. And wearing a binder on my chest is the pits. At least after work, I can peel it off, have a shower and replace it with a loose t-shirt. Marlene loves my breasts, but then, she’s a lesbian. I can’t wait to have my double mastectomy next year but I’ve got all of summer to look forward to. Not. Work is air conditioned so I’m not too uncomfortable, except when I have to wait outside – the boss has taken over the footpath and squeezed in four tables. But it’s the pull of the binder, squashing my boobs to a flat surface. I searched online and ended up making my own – double spandex and sewn down the sides for a few lines to make sure it’s firm. Marlene helped me out there with a sewing machine which she rarely uses and which used to belong to her Mum. We did zig-zag as well as straight lines. Sometimes the binder will rise up if I’m bending over a lot and gets caught beneath my breasts.

Besides wanting to change my body parts, I’m still definite about not having a phalloplasty. I don’t find the male body appealing and the dangly bits turn me off. I found out I could get one ball as two balls were too many for our anatomy – too narrow. I’m still thinking about having something hanging down near my urethra which is where I think they would place it. Apparently it’s very hard so it would be like a marble between my legs. I think I would obsess about sex all the time if I had one as it would be close to my vagina or cockpit as one guy calls it.

Then I would be hot and bothered a lot.


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