New regime

It’s so hot I went for a swim with Marlene before work yesterday. We went to her local beach which is on the Indian Ocean and therefore a little cold. There was hardly anyone about so I didn’t have to stress out that someone would notice the lack of a bulge in my wet togs. I stayed in for ages and got a little windburnt on my face which has been red since I started my T injections. I wore a man’s singlet, a size too small, to flatten my breasts but still I felt self-conscious.

Marlene had a lilo so we played on that and I swam all around her when she got hold of it and lay down. It was so great to be cool and having fun with her. I really wanted to have some sexy fun with her but she wasn’t interested. It was all rather scintillating to have bare skin touching. Once I started swimming properly, my version of the crawl, and, keeping the shore in sight, I seemed to swim for ages.

I had no idea of the time and when we retrieved our clothes, I found I had half an hour to change and get ready for work. Whew!

My hair was still wet when I reported for duty but my boss didn’t say anything. Anyone could see I had been for a swim or a shower. Work was pleasant after my dip in the ocean and I resolved to do it oftener, especially as it was going to be a long hot summer. The news said the severity of the typhoon in the Philippines was due to the water warming up. I hope it doesn’t happen here though I’ve heard of cyclones not far north of Perth. That was in 1987 and no doubt some since.

I have a new regime with my T shots now. I only have to go every 12 weeks. It’s called Reandron-1000 and it hurt so it’s just as well I get to recover in between. I’m interested in how my body reacts to it as I was starting to get a bit of fuzz on my chin and down my front. I’ve written in my diary for when I can get the repeat and when to make an appointment with the doctor and the nurse. So the beach and Reandron are my new regime.



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