I did a test at TAFE looking at my strengths and interests. One course that interests me is Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. I would learn how to do Business Activity Statements which would suit me down to the ground. Even Marlene is ignorant of how BAS works as she doesn’t need to do it every month as her business is under $50,000 and so she doesn’t charge the goods and services tax – GST.

There are no prerequisites for this course and I could finish it in one year if I devote 9.5 hours per week online. I could easily do that and keep my hours at work. Marlene said she’ll learn with me in case the rules change for her business.

I’m now waiting to hear how much it costs and when I could start.

And there were 405 jobs on SEEK last September for bookkeepers.

So it’s a win-win situation.

Meanwhile work is its usual interesting self with old and new customers coming into our café. The boss has been teaching me the barista and I’ll soon be taking orders and making the coffee, though not all at once as the customers may get a trifle annoyed if I do both. However, some cafes are run by one person.

Marlene has been busy organising a printer and a book launch for one of her stories for boys. She said there are lots of books for girls but not for boys. This book is a journal of a 10 year old boy who travels from Melbourne to Broome where he has tennis lessons and joins the Scouts. There are lots of adventures with his peers as well as his parents when they break down and can’t change the tyre.

I’m enjoying my freedom before I get down to study. What do you think of Michael’s choice of study? What about his wanting to do something physical?



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