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Study #2

I let my fingers do the walking and found I could do Bookkeeping online. A woman at Open Colleges also rang me and sent me information on how I could pay and how long it could take to complete the course. The upfront fee is $3,290 but I could pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit. All I needed was $100 deposit. It was $49.84 weekly over 64 weeks. The time needed per week was about 9.5 hours and I would finish in one year. But if I wanted Austudy through Centrelink then I would have to study 20 hours a week and then I would finish in half the time.

I think it’s doable and still do my five shifts at the café.

I hope Marlene is still interested in the course as I would then see her for 20 hours a week. And she could help me or vice versa. I think she’s bright but maths is not my thing but it seems like a versatile course to do. Also, I turn 18 next February so I won’t need my parent’s permission. They would probably give it but they would find a way to put me down.

I shouldn’t have any trouble as I have an IQ of 128 but sometimes I find it hard to concentrate for too long. Marlene can keep me on track and hopefully not want to distract me. We can still go for a swim on my days off and that will keep me fit, as well as running around in the café. Marlene needs to tighten up her muscles as she often sits all day at her laptop, marketing, taking orders, and checking Facebook. I guess I’ll be sitting around doing Business Activity Statements as part of my course. I must tell the boss my plans. He might want to let me do his BAS when I’ve qualified.

Is Michael’s plan to study bookkeeping a good idea? Maybe you could suggest something else. Let us know in the comments. Thanks.




Something weird happened yesterday. Marlene came into my café with another woman. I know she meets with clients in her work as a small-time publisher, but this is the first time she has been here. They seem rather close so she might be an old friend. I do believe I’m feeling jealous. Someone else serves her before I get a chance so I have to pretend I’m not interested. But it’s hard as I really like Marlene.

The blog ‘Breakroom stories’ had a song called “Blowin’ smoke: a song about food service”. I could really relate to “Quit one day” meaning working as a waiter. I’ve already quit smoking though sometimes I dream about it, especially when my co-worker has been puffing away in her break. Somehow the smell of grease hangs around me and smoking would blow it away.

Marlene introduces me to her friend, Catherine, before they leave then invites me round after work. Of course I say ‘yes’.

So another shift to endure before I get to be with my beloved. Catherine haunts my thoughts as to where she fits in with Marlene. I’ve read about polyamory where you have several partners. I don’t think I want to share Marlene but I would respect her wishes. She’s 26 and I’m only 17 but I’m not quite a toy boy. Would we make love together or separately? Would I be expected to be with Catherine?

My head is doing me in and I’m making mistakes. I got the order wrong for the last customer and my boss wasn’t happy about having to discard one coffee and make another one.

‘Your girlfriend really puts you in a tizz, eh Michael? Snap out of it as we have an hour to closing up.’

I apologise yet again and hand over a fresh cappuccino. I then keep myself busy with the dishes out back trying to remember the words of the song. To no avail. What would I do if I don’t wait tables? I need to go to TAFE and learn a skill. Maybe I could still work here to pay my way. That’s my task for tomorrow morning. Ring around before work, see if I can do another skills preference test and go from there. I have too much going on in my life to stay focused but I would like to have Marlene to come home to.





Marlene showed up at my café on Friday. I could feel my cheeks burning as I turned around to greet her. My heart was hammering away and I couldn’t speak. Marlene took over and ordered a cappuccino.  I scribbled it down and went back to the counter to pass on the order.

My boss was the barista and asked me if I was alright.

‘Yeah,’ I muttered.

He looked across at Marlene and nodded his head.

Before she left, Marlene asked me over to her house to watch a recording she’d made.

Of course, I said ‘yes’ and had to agonise over her as I finished up for the day, reminiscing about our past together before I went to Melbourne.

Once all was packed up and the floors washed, I raced out the door and over to her place. By the time I arrived I was in a lather of sweat from work and running.

We acted like we didn’t really know each other and neither of us made the first move.

‘Sit down here, Michael. Some of this is your story and I’d like to watch it with you.’

‘Okay.’ I had an idea of the show she wanted me to watch as I’d seen it on SBS last Tuesday with my cousin. He is so cool about my transition and jokes about seeing more hair on my chin. I wish.

Marlene sat on the floor at my feet and operated the controls. When there was something she needed clarifying, she’d hit the pause button.

As the show went on, it was clear to me that Marlene wanted to know about my journey and whether I had wanted to be a boy when I was younger.

‘You bet. I was the best footballer in the street and did all the things boys do, even playing with marbles.’

‘Do you mind if I sit next to you?’ Marlene asked.


So we talked into the small hours of the morning, after I had woken my cousin, Joe, to say I would be home late.

‘Ah, the lovely Marlene,’ he said.

I didn’t stay the night but we promised we would walk by the river and have a cappuccino together the next day. This could be a new start but I don’t want to be hurt. My body tingles when she looks at me and we did a lot of gazing into each other’s eyes last night. The reminiscing was all good.



Back at work


I’ve been back at work a week now and it’s like I never left. The same customers return which is good as some know my name now and want to know how I went in Melbourne. I can’t say what a torrid time I had from my family when I first arrived. However, after speaking with my counsellor, my mother became quite motherly and we parted on good terms. She wants me to ring once a week, via Skype, and to get a webcam so she can see any changes to my face. I wish. There is a shadow on my upper lip but that is all, and a line on my stomach. Hopefully these will all grow so I will feel comfortable going bare-chested in summer in over a year’s time. I have to remember to ask my cousin when he started growing a beard and having hair on his chest and stomach.

One of the Ozzie-guys told us how he lost most of his body hair, including under the armpits. He takes Testogel and rubs it into his moustache and beard to make them thicker. He can’t see much improvement though his goatee beard flourishes so much he has to trim it. It’s also gone grey on him. And he is not back at work having social phobia.

My mother knew there was something different as soon as I greeted her at the airport, as my voice had deepened. This was great news for me as I can’t really tell. What with my short haircut and boyish clothes and a sweatshirt to hide my bulges, a deep voice sealed her worries. I told her I was the same person though she thought I was now a dyke. I showed her my drivers permit so she could see my new name and she burst into tears. I had done the deed and changed all my documents so I was legally a man though not on my birth certificate.

I told her I was going into hospital in under a year’s time to have my mastectomy. I’ll be back at work in four weeks’ time. She wants me to have it done in Melbourne. We’ll see as I didn’t comment either way.

Will I see Marlene again now that I’m back at work?