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Work and new friends

The next day I came in early so I could meet up with Natasha from the department store. I found the café on my own and ordered a Pepsi Max and got out my one and half sandwiches of peanut butter which Mum always makes for me.

I’d nearly finished eating when Natasha turned up, followed by Maria, Judy and Annie. After they ordered their drinks, we got down to sharing our stories. Maria and Judy went to the same high school and have boyfriends. Both wear lots of makeup and giggle a lot. They’re both black-haired but that could be dyed. They have to wear the stores’ clothes but can choose their footwear – runners.

Natasha was the oldest and I was the youngest. Nat had been the longest working at the Centre and she was being groomed to be a manager. This meant she had time off work to do courses in management.

I asked her if she was doing courses in social media but she had had only one session on it as others were employed in that area. She was glad she had some competence in typing as others in her class were definitely not touch-typists.

All of us have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and we shared our Facebook names and Twitter hash tags. I’m not too sure that was a bright idea as I don’t know them very well yet.

We have two things in common – leaving school early and being teenagers.

We also work in different areas and I felt an infinity with Annie as she works in a gift shop.

Not all of us are working tonight – only Annie and I. I promised to find out my time off for tea to see if I can meet her between 6.30 and 7 pm.

At the end of lunch time, I went back with Annie to her shop to check it out while I waited to start my work. We exchanged mobile phone numbers and I would text ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if I can meet her.

I left Annie on a high and made my way to my shoe shop. I asked my boss, Mr McKenna, what time would be OK for me to have tea.

“Any time after 6”, he said, “My daughter, Melanie, will be coming in to help out as it gets busy on Thursday evenings.”

I texted Annie with a ‘yes’.

The afternoon was a bit slow but Mr McKenna taught me a few things about selling shoes. Melanie turned up at 6 pm and I went to tea with Annie around 6.30 pm.

We went to another shop in the food court and ordered dinner. It was quite noisy but Annie has a deep voice which I love listening to. She’s taller than me and a year older, with auburn hair. She wears runners because they’re more comfortable standing up. She’s quite tanned and I asked her about going sunbathing. She laughed and said that was her natural colour. She’s part Aborigine but I wouldn’t have guessed it. She’s also got a smart dress on, very slimming, as the owner of the shop likes her assistants to look classy. I had a million questions I wanted to ask her but we ran out of time. I’ll have to wait until Saturday as she’s not working tomorrow night.

I thought I was working 6 days a week but Mum rang Mr McKenna and said 6 days was too much for me to do in my first job. So I’ll have Monday and Tuesday off as my weekend and hopefully my friends from school and work have similar shifts.

Oh, it’s my birthday today and the family celebrated over breakfast. I got the usual girly things like makeup and perfume – cheap and nasty. Mum said I already had her present – using her credit card to buy Kindle books.

Back at work Melanie and I worked well together, I think. She’s coming in again tomorrow and maybe we can hang out later before my parents pick me up.

Today I was picked up at 9.10 pm and I explained to Melanie how it was my birthday. She sort of squealed and wished me ‘happy birthday. I hope we can be friends for a long time.

When I got home and got onto my computer, my school friends had again wished me ‘happy birthday’ and when could we catch up. I messaged back ‘soon’ and told them my hours and two days off. Hopefully it will be soon.

Will I lose my school friends as I meet work friends? I need an interim goal as the car deposit is too far off.





‘Intimacy is always a risk, but the risk of loneliness is far greater.’

I found this at collca (k:60). How am I going to get closer to my goal of finding a partner, be it male or female?

My best friends are also leaving school but they have work in the city. One is a filing clerk for a bank (boring) and another works in a restaurant. It will be hard to catch up during the week plus at the weekend there’ll only be the two of us. I would really like to meet some lesbians to see what they’re like and if I’m like them.

I contacted Minus 18 and hopefully I’ll meet up with them soon. I looked for them at the Midsumma festival but couldn’t find them. I went on my own without telling anyone, let alone Mum. There were hundreds of lesbians there. I felt really alone yet connected.

* * *

Guess what? I got myself a job. Nothing to crow about but I don’t have to travel into the city every day. The bad news is I have to work six days a week, including the weekends and Thursday and Friday evenings. We’ll have to share our rosters to see when we’re all free to get together. And if we go out Saturday night I can’t be too late, not that my parents let me stay out much after midnight anyway. The upside is I won’t be available for babysitting or having many meals with the family. I know Mum likes to keep a hot meal for me ready to heat in the microwave, but it’s usually pretty dry. We seem to have chops and three veg nearly every night.so I should be healthy.

And it’s a shoe shop I’ll be working in. Mum found the job for me when I was sleeping in last week. I can catch the bus into the Centre and I can wear my usual clothes, nothing fancy but modern. The manager is a man who has owned the shop for many years – he’s grey and wears long shirts and a tie. I call him Mr McKenna. He has a daughter, Melanie, who works with him but she’ll be going to Uni soon so he needs a replacement. The late evening hours coincide with the hours of the Centre as well as the weekend when they get most of their trade. Melanie will help out at the weekends, on either day. She’s short like me with spikey hair (not like me) and has some really trendy clothes and shoes. I’ve met her once and she seems really cool so it will be nice to have a friendly face for my start in my full-time job.

And I had to give notice to the gift shop. They were sorry to see me go but they couldn’t afford me full time.

Will I get closer to intimacy this year? Stay tuned.

Diary of a babydyke first entry

Dear Diary

This is my very first entry in my diary that I was given for my birthday by my godmother. I suppose I should tell you all about myself, my family and my best friends. My name is Kate Riley and I’m 16 years old. I have two sisters (Anne and Ruth) and a brother (Peter). We all go to Catholic colleges except for my youngest sister who’s too young to go to school, being a baby. My full sister and myself had a different father from the other two because our father died when I was seven and she was four and a half. I don’t remember much about him but I remember missing him terribly. When I had a bike (about ten), I would ride to the cemetery and visit his grave. I would hope a golf ball would land on his grave and he would wake up. How pathetic. I haven’t been there for years but I haven’t forgotten him. I don’t like my stepfather. He was my Dad’s best mate but we don’t have the parties we used to have when my Dad was alive. He’s not a Catholic either and he and Mum had to get married at the side altar because the main one in the centre is for Catholics only. Interestingly, my Mum married both her husbands at the same side altar at the same church. I was nine by now and it was a cold June day in Melbourne. My Dad’s mother was there as well as Mum’s mother (it was her church). The only other time I remember them being together was when my Dad died. They were seated in the lounge room and I’d been at a neighbour’s as I had a sore throat. I kept saying “where’s Daddy?” This hadn’t happened to anyone I knew in our street or at school. According to one girl, they were told to treat me gently as my father had died. I only just found that from one of my friends.

I have two lots of friends. One larger group I hang out with at school. We’re not sporty nerds nor are we computer nerds. We just like to sit around at lunchtime and shoot the breeze. Within this group are those I hang out with at weekends and go on outings. Then there is a group that I go to dances with and we spend nearly all of Saturday negotiating with each others’ parents to take us to a dance and bring us home. The homeward bound is always trickier as it’s around midnight so we often get a lift with a boy whom we’ve just met. Not good but what the oldies don’t know won’t hurt them.

My second lot of friends I see only once a week and we are Girl Guides. I really love this group where I am a leader and have nearly all my First Class badges. I’m not sure about my Queens Guide as I don’t know any group, besides the orphanage where another Guide volunteers, where I could do the same for my community service. I tell myself it doesn’t matter but a little bit of me does. I’m rather shy and have trouble putting myself forward. Except in the Guide meetings and on camp.

I really like one of the adult leaders, a young blonde, who kisses us goodnight when we’re on camp. I missed out one night and asked for two kisses. How bold!

Which reminds me – where am I going to hide this diary from prying eyes, like my sister. We’ve never got on and she would get into my dolls when I was at school and play with them. I was over playing with them but I didn’t want anyone else touching them.

I forgot my street friends. I used to play football with the boy next door and I’m the best kick in the street. I now hang out with his sister. They both go to the local high school and I wish I did, too. It’s only a short walk away but it’s not a Catholic school. Whereas I have to catch a bus.

Anyway, my friend, Jane, and I hang out with two boys in the next street. One of the boys has a twin sister in my class but I’ve never seen her outside. They live next door to my French teacher whom I think is gorgeous. I don’t want to admit it but my reason for spending all this time with the boys is so I can be with my girlfriend and near my teacher, in case she comes out.

This sounds like I do a lot of talking. As I wrote before,  I’m rather shy and don’t like speaking in public. In fact, I’ve avoided reading in class for eight years. I used to hide in the chapel when I was younger until a nun came along and booted me out. She was right. I enjoy the sunshine but not getting burnt as happened last summer. We’re always admonished to ‘slip, slop, slap’ and our school has even re-introduced wide-brimmed hats. And each classroom has a large container of suntan lotion. Those exempt are the ones who have passes to go to the library or the computer complex. My friends and I try and find some shade, preferably under the tree. And shoot the breeze til the bell goes.