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Study #2

I let my fingers do the walking and found I could do Bookkeeping online. A woman at Open Colleges also rang me and sent me information on how I could pay and how long it could take to complete the course. The upfront fee is $3,290 but I could pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit. All I needed was $100 deposit. It was $49.84 weekly over 64 weeks. The time needed per week was about 9.5 hours and I would finish in one year. But if I wanted Austudy through Centrelink then I would have to study 20 hours a week and then I would finish in half the time.

I think it’s doable and still do my five shifts at the café.

I hope Marlene is still interested in the course as I would then see her for 20 hours a week. And she could help me or vice versa. I think she’s bright but maths is not my thing but it seems like a versatile course to do. Also, I turn 18 next February so I won’t need my parent’s permission. They would probably give it but they would find a way to put me down.

I shouldn’t have any trouble as I have an IQ of 128 but sometimes I find it hard to concentrate for too long. Marlene can keep me on track and hopefully not want to distract me. We can still go for a swim on my days off and that will keep me fit, as well as running around in the café. Marlene needs to tighten up her muscles as she often sits all day at her laptop, marketing, taking orders, and checking Facebook. I guess I’ll be sitting around doing Business Activity Statements as part of my course. I must tell the boss my plans. He might want to let me do his BAS when I’ve qualified.

Is Michael’s plan to study bookkeeping a good idea? Maybe you could suggest something else. Let us know in the comments. Thanks.


How to keep the love


Another week to my driving test. I hope I pass. It would be so embarrassing to fail. I haven’t told my parents as they would put me down.

Marlene allowed me to drive us to the pictures so I had experience driving at night. She is very trusting that I won’t panic when there’s a bunch of lights coming towards me. She didn’t distract me and hold my hand (or any other part of me) like she does when she’s driving.

The movie was Thelma and Louise which we’d both seen before but wanted to again. I like the ending the best but would we do it? We would be keeping the love for the time it took to crash at the bottom of the gorge.

We must be due for an anniversary soon. I would like to give her something memorable so that she remembered me forever. I guess each lover is special and memorable and I would like to know how to keep the love, this love of Marlene. She looks at me sometimes before we kiss and I can see the love in her eyes. I’m too scared to ask her if she sees us long term. I think I should be living in the moment, to take each moment as it comes and to tuck it away in my memory. Forever.

Work has been work. No great dramas but the deadly same. I must apply for a course so I can move on when I graduate. I would love a job like Marlene’s as she can work from home, marketing her work which she wrote, then printing it off and posting to her customers.

I’m keeping the love of myself by my fortnightly injections. My thighs became too tough for the needles so we have resorted to the buttocks. My goatee is showing and my periods have completely stopped – yay!


Perth second time round.


I’m back in the sunshine after a month of mainly rain in Melbourne.

I rocked up to my Perth work and my boss said I could start tomorrow as another waiter had moved on. Lucky me.

I had a smile on my face all day as I’d seen a YouTube video of a waitress who wasn’t wearing any trousers under her apron. The shocked and fascinated customers were a joy to behold when these males noticed only a G string beneath the apron. Definitely a good way to start one’s shift.

Now, I haven’t mentioned Marlene yet. We didn’t exactly communicate while I was away as I had little or no internet use. There was WiFi mentioned when I opened my laptop at home but I couldn’t find the router to add the password. I think my sister has it buried in her room and she hasn’t been very friendly towards me.

I was really suffering with all this rejection around me. Mum even dragged me off to our parish priest so he could talk some sense into me. As if. She thought about the nuns at my school but decided against it, instead opting to see my counsellor. I asked Mum to stay outside while I explained my journey to my school counsellor. As usual, she was most cooperative and asked to see Mum on her own. I twiddled my thumbs outside her office and got some interesting and interested looks from the girls who passed by. I must really pass, even with my two lumps out front.

Eventually, Mum emerged and I could see she had been crying. She acted like it was her fault that I’d turned out this way. No-one can predict how our hormones in the womb are going to turn out. My brain said ‘male’ and my body said ‘female’. The only choice is being true to one’s self.

So it would be nice to hook up with Marlene again but ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

It was good while it lasted and has given me the confidence to seek out other girls in Perth or thereabouts.